Lampe Berger Basic Wick (Shipping included)

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Product Overview

Basic Lampe Berger wick (catalytic burner).

Catalytic burner for Lampe Berger. Burner and cotton wick are attached (all one piece).

Wicks must be saturated to light. If you use all your fragrance, you'll need to let the wick saturate before the next time you light it. You cannot "cheat" and swirl the cotton end, or dip it, to take a shortcut because it will not light. (It knows you cheated and refuses to cooperate!) It must draw the fragrance through the cotton, which takes about 20 minutes. Don't rush genius.

If you've played with your wick and sloshed the fragrance over it in an attempt to get it saturated faster (we won't judge, we've tried it ourselves) but now it won't light, remove the wick and cap the lampe. Place the wick on a paper towel and let it dry out. Overnight is good. Then start the process over again (saturate the wick properly before lighting it).

Note: if you burn other brands of fragrance in your Lampe Berger, they may harm your wick. You'll know you have a problem if your wick won't light. Simply replace the wick with a new one. It's best to use only Lampe Berger fragrances in your Lampe.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review